Death Roads

After work we organized the food, packed the clothes and loaded the Munch for our weekend away in the mountains.

What is it about mountain roads?! I get the whole, go with the flow of the mountain which is why you feel like you are on a flippin roller coaster just waiting for the next upside down loop. I get it. What I don't get is why on this green earth did the roadineers decide that cutting into the mountain only the width of 2 mini coopers was a good idea? Why is there always some truck that thinks they are the size of a mini cooper and FLY around the corners like it's nobody's business?! I cringed with every curve, I yelped every mile that did not have a guard rail (and yep...I'm pretty positive that was the WHOLE mountain) and I closed my eyes when I knew I would drive The Husband crazy if I yelped or cringed one more time.

Goodbye road of death. Hello cabin life! I welcome you with a little happy dance. And yes, it involves a few air fives and somersaults.

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