I kind of like this guy. For 12 years I've liked him. For 6 years I dated him. For 1 ½ years I was engaged to him. And then 5 years ago today I married him. The part I love about that story? The fact that he is still my very best friend and we love each other even more than the 5 years ago which I did not think was possible!

After doing a little research, the Husband and I needed a vow refresher. The big W day went by so fast that before today, I couldn't tell you what my vows were. No lie. Kind of lame. Needed to remedy that.

The result? These amazing words that changed my life. 

I, Dana, take you to be my wedded Husband,

My closest friend,
My faithful partner in life,
And my one true love.
On this special day I give you my sacred promise
to stay by your side as your faithful Wife,
In sickness and in health,
In joy and in sorrow,
Through good times and bad.
I promise to love you without reservation.
To comfort you in times of distress,
To laugh with you,
Cry with you,
To always be open and honest with you,
And to cherish you as long as we both shall live.

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