It's gone!

Yesterday held two very significant milestones for Team Bicker. Sadly, one of those I never want to experience ever again.

The good milestone?

I chopped it! 20 inches chopped down to a pile looking like some creepy sleeping animal on the floor.

What was left after said pile appeared on the floor? BOOM. 

As ridiculous as it was, my stomach was actually doing flips during the decision process. Yea yea...I know...It's just HAIR. //ahem// 

I get it. I totally do! This has been the longest I've gone without doing something drastic with the scissors and overall I had just become content with ... length. Until I started weighing the pros and cons. Cons: Drytime. Product, product, product. Straighteners, curling irons, round brushes. Weight. Toddler-grabability (what is a kid supposed to do when you have nowhere for your hair to go but in his face as you manuever him into his car seat next to a car that parked so close I could scratch his car door with the keys sticking out of my pocket?!). And then you have the mother of all cons...the mess factor. I reached a new level of mommyhood status when I had snot dripped on my hand and sprayed into my hair all in one day. Um yea. All the Pro's didn't even matter after that.

And there you have it. Milestone #1 - Hair Gone = Success!

Milestone #2 ... was tramatic for all parties involved. I'm pretty sure this face sums it up.

My little guy has hair that is prone to Kramer tendencies and to trim things up a bit, I thought J would get his hairs cut after me. 

Sobs. Hand grips of death.  The Mommy's taking turns with promises of cookies, play time, and reminders that he was NOT losing a limb. It was a haircut!! A trim!!!! Gone is the happy haircut child. 

Milestone #2 - Last haircut for a long long time for little man. This mama can't handle another sob-full plea. Talk about ripping my heart out. Coincidence that the poor guy was plagued with bad dreams last night?? HMMMMM???? Yea. Not happening again for a long long time. 


  1. Dana, I love how you describe events! Yea for your haircut (can you please put a picture up so we can see your new look?)and boo for your poor little man and your mommy's heart:(

    Take care,

    1. Thank you!!! Pictures are definitely coming. I needed a few days to get used to the new "styling" involved.

  2. Ahh the one thing I love about my kids being past the toddler grabby age is that I finally grew my hair out again! But yeah, I did the short hair thing too! I'm sure it feels so much lighter!

    What a cute little man you have! Glad he survived his hair cut too! ;)

    New follower through the Welcome Wednesday blog hop!


    1. Hello and welcome Marlana! Thanks for visiting. You've got yourself a new follower too!

  3. Poor little guy. I too, chopped a bit of my hair off too. Probably about the same amount or a bit more. I`m loving the lightness of it hope you are too.


    1. Good for you! Yes, I am finally getting used to it. I'll be posting some pics soon! :) Welcome!

  4. I'm now following you from the Wednesday Blog Hop! Feel free to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com :)

    1. Thanks!!! Congrats on the new little miss! ;) You've got yourself a new follower too.

  5. Next time make sure that you put your hair in a ponytail before you cut it and donate it to locks of love.