A Whole Lot of Dancing Goin' On.

It's been one week since this went down. After a rough night of post-hair-trim-nightmares, the Husband and I pulled the trigger on a strict-er bedtime routine. Being on vacation during a good chunk of the holidays, our routines slipped up a bit. You know the deal, 1/2 hour later here, sleeping in a day or two there...things get all off kilter. (Kilter? That's a word right?) Things really took a turn when our attempts to get back on our normal work/day care routine met the match of a two year old in a brand new classroom with newer faces and new activities. It's amazing how a simple wimper can break my heart...try adding sobs and plea's for "Mama!"


Did you SEE that?! The word that has taunted me day after day, week after week.  My nemesis. The lone word that chopped a liver to pieces. And then was mashed by this.

 ::insert happy dance here::

YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Houston, we have a MAMA on the team! Right around Little Man's birthday and with the continual coaxing, we had a break through.

The Husband: J, Whose that? (pointing to me)

J: Day-nuh.

The Husband: No buddy, let's try her other name. Whose that? (still pointing to me but throwing in a smile for good measure)

J: Day...//pause pause//....Mmmmmmama!


::happy dance round two::

So now here we are. One Mama-Lovin two year old and One happy MAMA...
...with her new hairs.