Be still my heart. It's Keith Urban.

Random layover in LAX. Why my SFO plane made its way DOWN to Los Angeles only to head OVER to Nashville will never make sense to me. It's happened before and yet I continually judge the pilot's sense of  direction. The weirdest was a flight from Orlando to Oakland...with a stop in Chicago. CHICAGO! Might as well have just headed up to Canada while we were at it.

I probably could keep whining but really, what else is there to complain about when Keith Urban is involved.

There I was standing in line at some random sandwich type shop at LAX grabbing some food for my next plane ride when I turn around to take a quick look at the people who just joined me in line. That's when the conversation with myself began.

Wow, that guy really looks like... No. No way! It can't be him...

Am I crazy thinking that this guy looks just like Keith Urban?  ... I must be crazy...

Is anyone else seeing this?!?! I swear this guy looks JUST like Keith Urban!  ...Maybe someone else is noticing him too //scanning scanning//  It can't be him...

No...It couldn't be him right? He's with some girl ....not a bouncer type security guy...Seriously Is anyone else SEEING THIS?!?! ... What do I do? What do I do? ...

I could seriously reach out and touch him right now. Would that be weird? ... Uh YEA. The lady he is with is probably his girlfriend since this guy is just a look alike and who know what sort of crazy lady she is?!...

But it HAS to be him! And that is probably his assistant or something. Maybe if I lean in a little closer... Okay fine. Let me just reach back for a water back here and...

DEFINITELY HIM!!! Did you hear his accent? Don't you see his HAIR?! ...Okay yes. YES! It is him but what do I do? I can't just walk up to him and say "Hi Keith Urban. Enjoy your sandwich!"...

No. You'd sound completely stupid. No...How about something more subtle, like "I love you." .... Oh yes. That is subtle. No....What do I say? I'd hate to be that annoying fan...the one he tells Nicole about when he gets home and vows to never fly AA again...

Well now you've done it. He's getting out of line but leaving his assistant to buy the water. Great job... Shoot shoot shoot. No one else in line seems to care?! Maybe I am losing my mind...

Nope! That is definitely him. See the guy he just met up with outside the shop. He is carrying his GUITAR case for him! AND KEITH JUST PUT HIS SUNGLASSES ON! Who does that unless they are trying to camouflage themselves?! .... Okay well, he's got to meet up with his assistant after this. Let's buy this sandwich and casually take note of where he is going...

//insert reality here//

Okay, you've got your sandwich, now move it! ... //scanning scanning// There he is! Up ahead. But shoot, he's walking into the Admirals Club room. Let me just walk by and see...

Nope. Doors are closed for a reason. A reason being crazy obsessive fans like...  Got it! I know. I can't help it!! But wait...His assistant! She's got to meet up with him somewhere. YES!

And that's when I stand back and start watching. FINALLY others have started to whisper to each other. FINALLY my  suspicions are validated. FOLKS, KEITH URBAN IS IN THE AIRPORT. And better yet, he is on MY FLIGHT!!!!!

He and his body guard guy make a beeline for the front gate after his assistant make a call announcing that 1st class can now board.

More giggles...More whispers.

And then, I plan my strategy. I need proof.

Pretending to be texting as I walk onto the plane, I am able to pause for a second and snap this beauty.

I do realize I am crazy. Especially after recounting my crazed fan where-are-her-drugs look I must have had in my eyes.

But you know what? It's all good. I saw him. I still love him. And his bodyguard didn't try to hunt me down for snapping a photo. It was worth the mental stress.

Thank all that is good and country for iPhones.


  1. Dana, you are hysterical ! And brave too :o) You know the trademark shirt is an instant give away. Congrats girl.

    p.s. I think you need to put one more orange arrow on the picture.

    1. Thanks. I love to read about my very favorite singer especially when he is being a real person in real life. He is the best and I ONLY go to his concerts, no one elses.

  2. OMG!!!This is awesome.. I had some what of the same encounter in the airport in Tampa after his show a few years ago. Except I was the crazy fan that called out to him to get his attention (not once but twice, LOL OMG yes I really did that!!!) He acknowledged me with a wave and "Nice to see you love" and then was on his way to the VIP lounge.... My friend was cracking up at me. It was priceless. Also each of his band members had come in one at a time (I guess as to not be noticed) before Keith did. I was able to talk to each of them and get their autographs and picture with each. But Keith was in a hurry so no pic or autograph just a sweet "Nice to see you love" LOL... Great thinking to get a pic as you were headed back to your seat ;) Kim

  3. Very cute and thanks for sharing that!

  4. Love your story. I was at a hotel on the afternoon before his concert last June, my husband and I were in the pool and he just walks in! I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. My husband told me to go over and talk to him, but I was too nervous. My husband goes over, shakes his hand and asks if he would meet me and take a picture. Much to my surprise, he came over when he was ready to leave and asked if I was ready to get my picture. I could barely speak. I sounded like a total idiot! He was so gracious and nice. He talked to us for about 5 minutes and my husband took a picture of the two of us. I love his music, so it just made my life to get to meet him.

  5. Great story! And you're not so crazy. I think we all have conversations with ourselves like that, trying to play it cool, strategize so we don't seem nuts. As long as you fear that it's a little crazy, that shows you're sane! That's what I say, anyway.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. Awesome ...loved it.... I would do the same ...great job xxx
    Cathy from Melbourne Australia

  7. Love this and Love Keith Urban! Thanks for posting this! Just saw him perform at The Opry in Nashville this weekend and he was awesome! My favorite entertainer by far! Just wish I could get that close to him... :)

  8. When you took the picture. You could see the tattoo on his right wrist. That definitely is him! My favourite singer.

  9. how fun is this? you lucky girl!!