You know you lived in Vegas when...

...You're card collection looks like this!!! Bellagio poker anyone? A little game of 21 at the Rio? I personally am a fan of spoons. Tropicana style. :)

I'm off for a weekend family getaway tomorrow afternoon! Word. Just need to get in a few hours at the office and BAM. Vacation will have hit. Minus one amazing sister, the whole crew will be joining in. The Husband's side along with my side. Munch seriously will not be able to contain his excitement. Some of his most favorite people ALL weekend. Good. Ness. 

Bags are packed (almost...), games are laid out. Food is planned. Directions are handed out. Mountains here we come!

Best part for me up to this point? Reminiscing back 5 years ago as I geared up to become Mrs. Husband. August 5th baby. Right around the corner!


  1. Dana, love your blog!! And great collection...way more interesting than pictures of kittens or the grand canyon, I'd say =)

  2. @Blah Blah Blayla Aw thanks Layla! So good to hear from you. I've been checking out your blog as well! :) Hugs!