Blue Torture Devices

I did it again. I wore heels and they have yet again convinced me that I am never to wear them again. They look sweet, innocent and fun right?!

I have a love/hate relationship with high heels. I LOVE them. They HATE me and their side of the deal is way more convincing. You may remember that heels, poop and the backseat of a Saturn started my motherhood journey with the inability to walk like a human being for a few days. 

Well, history repeats itself. However this time, it's my toes that suffer. Suffer is actually a kind word. Usually I am not a fan of injury pictures but...I'm sorry, blisters should not look like this.  This is one of four!   

I thought I was smart in wearing them  to work to test them out..."Oh these are great! I'll have no problems at all!" Um... EPIC FAIL in judgement. A few hours, yes. A few steps to walk, fine. Not to a wedding. And not to a wedding that has your name in the "Wedding Coordinator" position. 

On Sunday my awesome brother-in-law married his beautiful and equally awesome bride. Seriously, the sweetest couple you will ever meet! I arrived at the wedding site at 1:15pm to make sure the setup was on track. By 3:15pm the damage was done. 3:15 PM FOLKS! To make it sound like I have a little more stamina, I did run in these beauties. That was probably the kicker right there. At least that is what I'll continue to tell myself. So after the beautiful bride was cued and her walk down the aisle began, those torture instruments were taken off. I wish I could say that I kept them off for the rest of the evening, alas, pictures needed a complete outfit and since the shoes were a definite part of the ensemble, the torture resumed. Check out little man though ~ Too cute right?!

Is this a major gripe session? Of course. But I am also seeking consolation. Please tell me that you have a  sacrifice story of your own? Care to share it? A prize is available to the woman (or man? You're story better be a good one to compete with high heels!) who is willing to share their sacrifice story with fellow Teething Toys and Coffee Mugs readers! As I hobble around it would be nice to know that I am not the only crazed shoe loving woman out there. 

To enter, simply comment with your best sacrifrice/apparel-gone-wrong story! The most pathetic, I mean, tragic story will be announced and reposted this Friday. Stories should be submitted no later than Thursday (10/7/10, 11:59 PM PST). 

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