Giveaway winner announced! Terri - Congratulations! :)

Earlier this week I started collecting the most tragic (and more often than not - pathetic) sacrifices made for the love of shoes (or anything fancy, fun and non-mom friendly).  I am happy to announce the winner for this week's giveaway - Terri! 

Major props for being a mom of two, avid high heel wearer and a dedicated runner! 3 things that captured my attention right out the gate. 3 things of which I am not!! Especially that thing about running...Ugh. Terri- you are one crazy lady!

I so feel your pain. As you know I am a dedicated high heel wearer and have endured many many a blister in the name of fashion over the last decade. This last May I decided to run Bay to Breakers and unlike 59,999 people I paid the entry fee (dumb, I know) I needed to pop into the city and pick up my race packet the Friday before. I took a quick peek on Google maps and decided that it wasn't that far from the BART station and I could hoof it. Note to self, never trust the scale of a google map on an iphone! Of course I was wearing 4 inch black pumps, no biggie. After walking about 20 minutes from the BART station and realizing it was much further than I thought it was I started to regret the decision to not get the MUNI. But I toughed it out. I got to the expo and got my packet and free tee shirt. Then it hits me, I have to walk back.... I wanted so badly to catch a cab, but lord knows there are only 5 cabs in all of San Francisco so I was stuck. I also had not even a dollar of cash on me after hitting up the race expo, so the bus was out. After limping back to the BART I was left with some pretty severe blisters only two days before I was supposed to run a race. Luckily I decided the running thing was overrated and just got drunk like the other 59,999 people out that morning. After a couple drinks my feet didn't bother me a bit. Moral of the story, never trust an iphone, always carry bandaides in your purse.

Terri - Email me your address and your prize will be in the mail on Monday! :) 

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