A Motherly Revelation

I had a revelation today. Yes - A mother's revelation. It's not anything deep or mind altering, just a simple fact: My little guy is growing up. Yes, he's a little boy. How did I come upon this revelation?


Costco...the wonderland of pallets, christmas light sales and enough toilet paper to wrap the world has given me a gage to monitor J's growth. Today was the day that I noticed how accurate of a gage Costco actually is. Let me share the progression.

Month one... 

Quiet. Calm. I remember the days that we could wander through the aisles in peace.

Add some legs that crawl and stand, a teething, drooly mess of a mouth, a wiggly butt and you get...

Month Nine...

Note the lounge position. Carefully executed requiring a precise swivel technique (one that he likes to whip out when you are holding him with one arm) and determined arm extensions. Thank goodness for those locking seat belts. I'm not quite sure how much longer the shopping cart cover will make sense...doesn't do much good lately as he can always seem to find the only exposed segment of cart to chew on. GROSS.

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