Baby Stealer

Yes you read right. I am an official Baby Stealer. You too can become a Baby Stealer. Adrenaline pumping, clock ticking, sweaty palms, monetary gain...Who wouldn't want to jump on board?

The first time I attempted the steal around 10:00 AM but my fingers left me hanging. Apparently iPhones and Google Checkout do not like each other. That or there was an evil scheme to force me to logically think through this purchase. Psh. Stupid.

So 4:00 PM rolls around and I finally make it home. Attempt #2. Login ... Success! Google Checkout ... Success! Purchase....  .....  ...... Success!

Thanks Annemarie for sharing! I believe I have a new love.

Check it! Here was my very FIRST steal. LOVE.

Taupe/Grey/Black ~
JJ Cole Changing Pad/Paci Pod

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