Attack of the Sleep-Stander!

Jackson inherited a true Bicker trait: Sleep-walking. Well, in his case, it's sleep-standing. 3:30 am is the hour of choice. After being an 8:00-6:00 sleeper for several months, he decided to switch things up - Right at a time in life where Ry and I need sleep the most. I've got to hand it to him, He's a trooper. Not only has he been teething, growing, eating more solids, crawling and now pulling himself up on everything in sight, he's living in-between boxes and sleeping in a new room. Last Saturday was our official Move to Livermore day and to summarize the entire week prior and the week after thus far can be done in 3 words: I am pooped! J is an overall pretty easy kid, the hard part came after working an 8-hour day, finding time to keep up with feeding, laundry and play time for everyone, attempting to keep a normal routine for J and then packing/unpacking. I'm truly not trying to complain, I am venting confusion and asking for help. Here's the deal:

1. J crawls and stands everywhere and on everything. He loves to stand in his crib - He gets this very proud grin all over his face when he does. The problem there is that he has not mastered the ability to sit down from a standing position. Unless he topples over on accident, he is stuck standing.

2. Ever since he could move, J has tossed and turned in his sleep. I never know what corner I will find him curled up in when I go to check on him at night. 

3. Put two and two together at 3:30 am and we have a problem. A little boy standing in his crib (got there in his sleep) who cannot put himself back to sleep because he is stuck standing which then wakes him up resulting in tears. On a normal night (non-sleep standing), I use the CIO method which is awesome for a kid who can put himself back to sleep in a matter of minutes. However, in this scenario, that just seems cruel. 

Mommies of active sleepers, HELP! The Bicker Three need their sleep.

He's just so darn cute!

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