I need a bigger mug.

It's pretty amazing how tired I am after all this planning. I've been thinking about everything that I need to do and well, I'm exhausted. LAME! My alarm clock (this morning it went by the name of Jackson) went off at 5 AM due to a bad dream. From there, it was the normal shower, makeup, hair, clothes routine that is my time. Starting at 6:15,  I'm a giver. 6:15 Breakfast for Munch, get his bag packed, bottle and food ready for Ry. to take. 6:30 Breakfast and bathroom time for Savanna. 6:45 Out the door (that's the goal). Of course, I do find time everyday right before I head out the door to grab my coffee. As tempting as that drive-thru Starbucks is on my way in, my monthly coffee budget only gives so much. Thanks to the amazing timer, I pour my mug, add my creamer and pray that the coffee has time to kick in before I pull up to my office.

Tomorrow we get the keys to our new rental house! With those new keys, the cleaning of the new house is scheduled for this weekend. With the new house clean, it is move-in ready which is scheduled for all of next week but primarily the first weekend in August. Did I mention that we have not packed one box yet? ;) Ry and I live on the wild side.

Phew. I need a bigger mug for this week.

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