Snot Rant - Attempt to Keep my Sanity

Snot. It just keeps coming. And Coming. Literally I can wipe, look away and have to rewipe! I've suctioned, I've humidified and as the day is wrapping up, I only have two questions...

1. Where does he keep it all? Visually, it just doesn't make sense!!!
2. Why does he have to wipe it on me? I'm literally gagging right now looking at the pile of laundry that needs to be done due to the damage his little nose caused.

Last week Munch brought home a cold. It wasn't too overwhelming - just one of those annoying ones that get in the way of feeling normal. After getting past the weird eating patterns and random bouts of sleep, we were left the one symptom that grosses me out to no end.

(Sidenote to daycare workers out there: I too thought that one day when I had a kid of my own, the gross factor would subside because it was YOUR child's snot... ALL LIES.)

Poor Munch is snoring himself to sleep tonight. I'm really hoping tomorrow is better. Maybe it's teeth related snot! Maybe I'm just looking for something to blame. Yea. 

But on a happier note, I am proud to announce that my Sleep Stander has figured out how to sit down! Yes, it may look a little rough when he plops his little butt down but folks, he does plop and that is all that counts at 3:30 AM! :)

Happy Sunday everybody!

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