Totally Desperate Mom Winner

So I am pretty much thrilled that I can say... I Won! 

Last week I entered one of Munch's classic poop stories (I swear they just keep getting better and better) for a contest put on by Stuff Mamas Like. The goal...win myself a copy of Totally Desperate Mom by the awesome Wendy Hagen

Friday night came around and after a crazy day of unpacking what seems like thousands of boxes, having snot wiped on every corner of my shirt and dealing with a dog tossing her cookies every 3 hours (that story deserves more details later this week - Promise!), I finally had a chance to sit down and open my computer.

Seeing the words "Congratulations" in my inbox was such a fun surprise!

And of course, I have to share! So here it is. 

The Easter Poop Extravaganza. Hope you get a laugh at my expense. I sure did. ;)

Thank you Wendy!

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