Doctor, Will you marry me?

A year into this whole "I'm now a parent" thing and still there are days that I waive my white flag out of sheer desperation. Tuesday night was a white flag night. It was more of a "Someone help because I have no idea what to do" sort of night. Poor Munch had been off all day. When I went to pick him up after lunch, the ladies at his daycare said that he just wanted to "sit" with them. Weird. They also said he didn't want to eat. Really weird. He had been chewing on his finger a lot which made me think he was teething. We have 8, here comes number 9. Ugh.

My teething hunch was thrown when we pulled up into the driveway. As soon as I turned the car off, the boy burst into tears. Um, okay?? I left the bags in the car and hurried inside with Mr. Tears. It was 1:30. Naptime. I followed our normal routine and got him changed, into his sleepsack and laid him down. The tears turned into sobs as soon as the door closed. The tears usually last no more than 10 minutes but after 30 minutes of on and off sniffles, the room was finally quiet. Poor guy. Something was off. 30 more minutes passed and the sobs picked up again. I clocked out of work and peeked in his room. Munch was laying down but crying. Mom-time. We rocked in his room for awhile, ventured into my room to both lay down which is where I finally got him asleep. An hour later naptime was over and Daddy came home. He managed to tickle a little smile out of Munch. Phew, much better. Or so I thought.

Later that night after hanging out at Grandma C and Grandpa D's house, I attempted to lay the sleeping Munch down in his crib. Not even 5 minutes passed before the cries started again. These cries were different. Something wasn't right. Flashing back to naptime I knew that the only chance of sleep for all of us would be to get him asleep with me. I quickly got ready for bed and brought Munch to our room again. He just wanted to he held. My heart was breaking for this little guy.

It was jolted back into reality around 2:30 when both Ryan and I woke up to a child radiating heat. I kid you not, I have never felt that much heat coming from one person. As Ryan ran to get the thermometer, I went about stripping off those pj's hoping that he got overheated and would soon start to cool down. Negative. His entire body was hot to the touch. 102.8!!!! Oh man. This is where the desperation came into play.I had never dealt with a fever like this. What were we supposed to do? As I gave him a dose of infants advil, Ryan got Munch's medical card which had a listing for a 24/7 advice nurse. Yes please. Nurse Judith was there to take my call. As I am giving all the pertinent info to Nurse Judith, Ryan takes Munch to get a diaper change from which I hear "Get a  towel!" Poor kid lost his lunch. I immediately relayed this new event to Nurse Judith. "Honey take a deep breath, we are going to figure this out." Um, we better!

I truly was on the verge of tears. This was scary. J has impeccable timing though. After he was all changed and I was given a rundown on how long advil takes to work, what to look for in dehydration and to call back if the fever goes any higher, Munch is carried back into the room and gives me a goofy grin. My boy is sick but man is he cute. With my nerves fried, Ryan and I were desperate for this fever to go down but I knew it wasn't going to be immediate. 30 minute increments is what we gave ourselves. Every 30 minutes we took his temperature.

1 1/2 hours later, alarm went off and thermometer was ready. I had a child with a fever that had now jumped to 103.3*. I reached for the phone. Unfortunately Nurse Judith was not around for this one. Instead I was told to hang up and call the doctor. In my head, I was dressed with diaper bag in hand headed out the door to the ER. In reality I tried to calm myself so that I was coherent for the doctor. He seriously was an answer to prayer. Munch's doctor just happened to be on call that night. I flubbed my way through what was going on and was calmly told to administer an additional partial dose of advil and to make my way to the ER if his fever reached 105* (because 103.3 was not torture enough). He told me his schedule for the next few days and advised me to call in the morning to set an appointment. Sleep he said.

30 minutes later, our fever check showed that his temperature had started to drop. Not much but enough to give my chest a little more breathing room. It continued to decrease into the morning. I called the doctor in the morning to which he said there was no need to come in unless I thought it necessary. Apparently all Munch needed was the correct dosage to combat those high numbers. He was fighting a virus of some sort. A VIRUS. This fever could stick around a few days because of a virus.

This week has been on and off again with Munch. Our very own Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I'm starting to get pretty good about gauging his temperature by watching the way he reacts to things. Outbursts = Fever. This virus is a rough one on everyone and I wouldn't mind if it NEVER came around again.

Bring on the happy dance, Munch is fever free and has been since yesterday. He is now eating and back to naps. Hallelujah we are virus free! *fingers crossed*

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  1. Poor You!!

    It's so hard to see such a high temp and not get freaked out. Especially the first time.