Late night brain shenanigans.

I hate my brain right now.

It's 1:53am and I now find myself stretched out on my living room couch...typing.

Sleep sounded like the responsible thing to do. It actually sounds really nice right now.

But apparently, sleep is for the cool kids.

I blame the dog.

And the husband.


It started with him getting home late from basketball...and taking a shower. After I was already asleep. This meant the bathroom light needed to go on. The same light that runs parallel to my line of sight from bed.

This said light then cued the already anxious and overly panting dog to come lay by the open door in my room in last ditch efforts to get away from the sound of rain coming down. I still don't know if the excessive panting was from her seriously not understanding what the sound of rain is (hello CA drought) OR the humidity from said rain making the house rather warm in areas.

So I found myself wide awake, laying in bed, listening to sounds that had their own speaker setting in my head. Dog panting. Husband snoring. Fan. Rain.

--> Cue crazy 1:30am thoughts I had before succumbing to the hard reality that sleep was not coming anytime soon.

- Is the boy's fan set to an OK speed or are they going to get too cold?
- I wonder what time it is.
- I think I may be kinda hungry.
- Even if I was hungry, there is NOTHING that I would want to eat.
- Only 1 day in to my eating healthy for July strategy and already I am going bananas.
- I wonder if Costco still has blueberries?
- What sort of vegetables could I convince the boys to try in their lunches next week?
- I can't forget to add that note on my calendar for Friday about saving seats for the parade on Saturday.
- I should periscope while I am saving seats cause really, that's crazy talk that seats need to be saved on Friday for a parade on Saturday.
- Periscope is awesome and stupid all at the same time. I wonder who else I can follow...
- Is it raining harder?
- Shoot. I left washed clothes sitting in the wash. Maybe I'll have time in the morning to transfer those...
- Did the Husband turn off the A/C? Cause it's getting really muggy...
- I'm surprised I don't hear the neighbors dogs barking!
- I really should get to know my neighbors more.
- I wonder what time it is.
- This dog is going to be the death of me. Her panting is literally echoing in my HEAD. Should I put on her Thunder Shirt or is she just hot?
- When is the flippin A/C going to turn on?!
- I wonder if G has peed out of his nighttime diaper yet.
- Ugh. I CAN'T just transfer those clothes in the wash to the dryer in the morning. The dryer is FULL too. Did I turn that on?
I think so.
I hope so.
- Not having vanilla creamer in the morning does not make my coffee sound as good.
- Maybe tomorrow I can get some reading time in.
- Tomorrow I can't forget to bring the drink cups to the fair!
- FINALLY. The A/C kicked on. Now at least I can't hear the dog panting.

It was then I realized that even though the dog's panting was no longer keeping me awake, my brain was. And here I am. 2:15am and staring at a screen.

Maybe I'll try that sleep thing again. 6am is going to come really fast.

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