Non-amputated toes, flowers, coffee. Sounds like 30 to me!

How you know it's been a great 30th birthday:

- The doctor tells you he does NOT have to amputate your almost 2 year old's toe. Oh the joys of hand, foot and mouth.
- You come home to flowers on your front porch *LOVE*
- You are surrounded with birthday love thanks to FB and Instagram
- You pop some Advil cause you realize you slept wrong last night while silently raising your fist to this whole "getting older" thing
- You devour an awesome lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with your 3 favorite guys
- You get to take a nap while TWO children are sleeping/quiet
- You purchase the LAST drink en route to get your Starbucks gold card openly admitting that you have a "thing" for the mermaid lady's coffee
- You have dinner delivered to you by one amazing bro/sis-in-law with the cutest niece ever
- Your husband and boys sing Happy Birthday to you and then proceed to spit all over your cake in efforts to "help" you blow out your candles
- You have to send one boy to time out for throwing a baseball at the other boy's head
- You walk around the house eyeing flowers, a birthday balloon and cards from so many people that you love
- Your DVR calls to you finally offering TV worth watching thanks to Fall being right around the corner!!!

30? Cheers to you. It's gonna be a good year.

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