They get it.

I don’t feel like I’ve reached my full capacity of Christmas spirit yet. I need more time.

Eh. I want more time. I don’t want the pre-Christmas celebration to be wrapping up! More lights. More carols. More time to decorate cookies with my favorite little humans.

My brain knows that the big day is here.  I’ve been reminded of that every day this past month by my 4 year old as he eagerly pulls the next Disney character off of our Christmas countdown. “Mom! Today is Minnie but then tomorrow is Pluto and then the day after that is MICKEY. And then? Mom! And then, its Christmmmmmaaaaaasssss!”

I adore his eyes that are lit up with everything wonderful and magical about this holiday season. He’s entranced by it. He loves setting up the nativity scene. Baby Jesus is always the first to be placed in the manger. He gets it. And he loves it.

I’m trying to do my best and keep my feet under me as time ticks away but it’s hard not to feel like I’ve been robbed. As the husband and I exchange glances from opposite couches surrounded by Kleenex, charted medicine doses and daily trips to Walgreens in an attempt to find a miracle drug to zap this never-ending cold away, I am reminded of how quickly days do really pass by; And how quickly my little guys are turning into big guys. In the midst of my whining I’ve been able to listen to them wrestle, laugh and truly play together. I’ve been forced to slow down. And I've loved every minute of it. Those sounds make this season so much more special when I think that baby Jesus was sent for me and now more importantly then ever… for them. And it’s for that reason, I don’t want this feeling of Christmas to leave just because “Christmas” is over.

My new year’s resolution? To experience the joy that the season of Christmas brings regardless of what month it is. To hear and see those little humans experience what love is.

Merry Christmas from my world to yours. May you experience His love in a new way that takes your breath away.

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