Month O'Meals

It's November!!!! Bring on the Red Cups, the Christmas toy catalogs, the Christmas themed commercials, the HUGE Christmas display at Costco and of course, the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Wait.


Oh Yeaaaaaa, Thanksgiving is in there too! Talk about one awesome holiday that is completely looked over. :( How can you look over a day that includes cinnamon rolls, a parade with the Rockette's, green bean casserole and LARGE quantities of pie?! It's shameful I tell ya. BUT I witnessed a glimmer of hope the other day that made me believe this year will be different. Fellow Turkey Day fans, Target actually included a few appropriately themed decor in the $1 section this year! True, they didn't have bin after bin but a few "Give Thanks" plaques, window clings and turkey shaped candle holders were enough to bring a smile to my face. So of course, those things came home with me and Jackson will be decorating a door later today! Some Friday fun after a fun Halloween week!

I took advantage of no-kickback in picking out the Halloween costumes this year and went with a family theme! Turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself... Especially Little Guy. Newborn size flannel?! I die.

Our little "Worker Man" as he called himself, scored some major goodies this year! I think it helped that he was so stinkin' cute.

So along with some Turkey Day decorating, also on the agenda today is planning our month of meals. For those who have been in my kitchen, you've seen our meal board. Roughly two years ago, we had our good friends the Dunn's living with us. With 4 adults and two toddlers, there were a lot of schedules to keep track of. The meal board started out as a way to know who would be home for dinner. Then we added who was home to be making dinner. Then we added WHAT was going to be cooked for dinner. Not only was it helpful for the Costco/Safeway trips knowing it advance what we needed to buy for the month BUT it also helped keep us in line with our monthly food budget amount and limiting our nights of eating out since dinner was already planned out at home. Dave Ramsey should be proud!

So here we are months later and the meal board is still in use. We have not been the greatest about sticking to the plan in the past but with all that is going on this month (Hello two kiddo's. Hello going back to work. Hello two work schedules. Hello 49er games. Hello life.) AND with several reasons next year to save whatever extra we can, we've been much more strict about it's use. It's definitely not easy when you love eating out like we do. Lately though, we've made a pretty good team keeping each other in check when one of us attempts to guilt the other into swaying from the plan.

I'm learning to enjoy the challenge it brings. Last month I fell in love with my Crock Pot and tried at least 2-3 new recipes a week ::high fives to Pinterest!:: The Husband had not been a huge Crock Pot fan and I was determined to find recipes that the 2 out of 3 boys in this house would eat and preferably enjoy. So thanks to October, November will have more Crock Pot meals than EVER before! Perfect timing with work and a much tighter schedule staring at me.

But in case there is any misunderstanding during this month, please note that I LOVE Christmas. Like LOVE love. The Christmas tree is up the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas music starts as we are driving home from Thanksgiving dinner. I seriously get all giddy thinking about the Christmas lights.

Until then, yahoo Thanksgiving!!

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