Here we go!

And the new "normal" begins tomorrow morning. 8:30 tomorrow morning and maternity leave officially comes to a close. It's truly amazing how quickly two months goes by!

From this...

To this...

My heart can't handle the cuteness right there.

Going back is bittersweet. I was only at my job for a little over 3 months before heading out! I felt like I was just getting to know people. Just getting into the swing of things. And after that short amount of time it was VERY clear as to what a blessing this job is! I've been wife to a ministry job for my entire marriage but to now be IN a ministry job...very new. And I love it!

The tough side is being away from those chubby cheeks.
But here's the kicker...3 out of the 5 work days, he is a few steps away! One of the many "perks" is that childcare is provided. Uh hello? WHAT?!

Since the Husband has worked here for over 5 years, J has been going since he was 6 weeks old. He is  now in the 2 year room where not only do they get to play with kids their age, have story time, sing songs, have lunch time...they learn about Jesus! Just the other day, J came home singing "Jesus loves Me." Doesn't get much better than that!

And now, Rett, at 8 weeks, will be the newest member 3 days a week. This works out great since I am nursing and will be able to go directly to him and not bring my lovely pump everyday! The other 2 days are awesome in their own right since both boys will be AT home...WITH Daddy! Monday's will be until I get home and get tagged in as he gets tagged out and heads to work. Friday's are the full 8:30-5. He's jumping right in with bottles and naps and diapers...Pretty much the most amazing Husband and Daddy ever.

And know it's lunch packing time! ::sigh:: Happy Sunday everyone!

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