Heart Melting 101

27 days ago.

27 days ago, my life changed forever. I met one little face that can make me smile and cry within the same hour. And yes, that was my life a few nights ago. Oy. Brief details are below.

I absolutely love watching him grow bigger and stronger every day. Over 8 pounds now, Rett is holding his head up for longer periods of time. He's really starting to track and follow with his eyes. I SWEAR he's smiled at me...not any of those gassy or sleepy smiles...a genuine, eyes shining, heart melting smile. I'm still waiting to see who he'll look like. Right now Kee-Kee looks like... Kee-Kee.

And this Little Guy has definitely let us know what he doesn't like early on. Ironically, things took a nose dive after I shared this. A few days ago, I could have sworn we were fighting reflux or some sort of gassy intestinal battle which I refer to as night from hell #1 and #2...but Hallelujah, we are going on Night #3 of a normal schedule which means that I am getting almost 3 hours of sleep at a time. Don't get me wrong, we are still fighting a battle that ironically starts after the evening feeding...right around 7:30/8:00. After trying every trick we could think of, we are taking note of what we think he likes and doesn't like...as of right now. Unfortunately the "doesn't like" category is made loud and clear...literally.

1. LOVES taking naps on his tummy. When we are hanging out on the couch, we take advantage of being able to put him in that position which seems to help his tummy. As soon as his neck gets strong enough, I see him being a tummy sleeper.

2. HATES having a wet or dirty diaper.

3. LOVES to be inclined. On night #2 from hell, we went around,putting everything on an incline...his mattress, his changing table pad.

4. HATES to have his arms swaddled. Thankfully he is Houdini so in the middle of the night, he was able to learn how to break free.

5. HATES to be burped in the middle of eating but LOVES how much better he feels after. Seriously I feel like I burp this kid ALL the time but it gives him relief so...that's just part of life.

6. LOVES his brother. When there are no tummy issues taking over our life, he will turn his head in a heart beat to face his brother and listen to him talk. ::Initiate heart melting NOW:: Even more amazing thing? The feeling is STILL mutual.

Sweetest thing the other day.

This happened.

The Husband was hanging out on the couch with Kee-Kee when J, who had decided not to sleep during naptime, came over to them, leaned in to talk to Kee-Kee and apparently decided that NOW was the perfect time to take that nap. Pretty sure my heart exploded with love overload.

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