Too many thoughts!!!

13 days ago.

It's amazing how life can change so dramatically in just a few days...eh, honestly it was more like hours.

Now here I am.  Mama of two. Hanging out on my couch, writing with a laptop on my lap with a healthy 6 lb. 13 oz. baby boy laying on me snoozing away. I've got a two and a half year  old big brother asleep in his room with his dinosaur pajamas on and mickey mouse stuffed animal in hand.

Today was my first time home alone with my two kids for a few hours. I definitely felt my brain on overdrive as I tackled a few typical chores, a toddler's lunch and nap schedule, and a newborn's feeding/changing schedule. Thankfully, I am able to ease into what our new family schedule will look like as I have till mid-November off from work. Today was actually a unique day as The Husband is technically still on vacation, even though he had to head in to work for a few hours all because he hadn't planned being on his leave yet (Little Guy's due date is still a full two weeks away!).

In all honesty,

It's amazing how many times I have started and then stopped this post...some of the time as a result of my new found schedule, other times out of pure time exhaustion but mainly, because of the pure abundance of what I want to write about. I have so many stories, thoughts and feelings rolling through my head that I truly have no idea where to begin!

So here is my goal: In the days to come I'm determined to let the thoughts just roll. I don't want to forget. I don't want to miss those little details that bring a smile to my face whenever I think about them.