Ready? Set? SLEEP!!!

It's Fall...My house is decorated...I have my pumpkin soaps and candles out...I've had my initial Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (my first REAL coffee btw since being pregnant. Woop woop!)...I'm starting to watch through my list of October movies while a certain toddler sleeps...Tomorrow is October 1st!!! And yet, THIS IS HAPPENING.

It is almost 10 pm and near to 80 degrees. Do you see tomorrow's high? Uh.


Where's the 60's? Where's the drizzle? Where's the breeze? WHERE'S THE FALL???

The Husband and J are camping out tonight. Literally. The Husband (who loves the summer and literally did a happy dance when he saw this week's forecast) setup our new tent earlier today before the sun pelted anymore of it's insane rays down on us knowing that tonight and maybe even tomorrow night would be the "perfect" night to sleep outside. I think J might have pee'd his pants with excitement helping get everything setup for his campout with Daddy. He made sure to grab his Mickey AND Goofy stuffed animals, his Thomas flashlight and of course his pillow (or as he prefers to call it, "My Pay-yo."). The chatter has died down a bit from out there but it's been so cute listening to him talk on and on about every little thing that comes to mind. I know The Husband is loving this too.

I, however, am not claiming a spot on the air mattress tonight (yes, you read that right. air mattress. no more of this back ache, sleeping bag twisted, am I laying on a tree root? sort of camping for us. We live it up and cart the aerobed into the tent). Instead, I get some time with this little face!

In all honesty, I hope I do not see much of his eyes tonight as he SHOULD be sleeping. When J was little and I had limited time at home before heading back to work full time, I knew that I HAD to sleep train that little guy. Sleep was a necessity and having a baby sleep through the night as earlier as he possibly could was a MUST. So with a BabyWise mentality, I drew up a Feed/Wake/Sleep schedule and buckled down. Best decision ever!

Knowing how effective and important sleep training came to be with J, I was eager to get Rett on his own schedule even though he is so young and thinking ahead... my work hours have changed drastically. It resonated even more in my head a few nights ago when he was up from 4-6am as if it was the middle of the day. Uh sorry kid, this mama needs her sleep and so do YOU!

And so I got to work drawing up the ideal day. I took J's wakeup time, naptime and bedtime into consideration too so that I could hopefully be able to shift my focus from one kid to the other instead of juggling both. With those factors, along with some work ones, we are getting our feet under us with a new routine. Let's just say that sleeping a solid 4 hours in a row last night quite literally brought a smile to my face at 5am.

We will see how tonight goes as every day pans out it's unique set of circumstances. Like today being the traumatic bath day. Seriously, I'm surprised the neighbors didn't come knocking. This kid has a set of lungs on him that makes the dog get up and leave the room. Boy do I love that face, but holy moly, I'd be a-okay if that particular cry would leave and never come back. He flipped out on us when we put him in the cozy hot-tub of a bath. Nope. He apparently thought it was death.

Oy. Needless to say, the rest of the day turned in to quite the sleepy day as his fit wiped him out. But regardless, we are gearing up for our final evening feeding and then it's off to bed!

Here's to you October, my favorite time of year! // tipping my hat to you //
Even though you are blasting us with some funky heat, I'm holding on to the dream of pumpkin carving, Harry Potter music, rain fall, new recipes, and lots and lots of smiles with our new family of 4.

Yay Niners! Yay A's!

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