Routines and Schedules and Change...Oh my!!

My little family has had one heck of a month. June was filled to the brim with change and oh my word, change it was. The most dramatic?

 - A new job title for the Husband with new roles and responsibilities.
 - A completely new job for this mama which meant...
          - New work days
          - New work hours
          - Oh and btw, did I mention that this new job of mine puts me on the same campus as the  
            Husband AND the munchkin AND Munchkin #2 once daycare age sets in?!
 - Oh yea...and we are 7 months into this baby growing business.

What's really neat is that all these changes have been uh-mazing! I feel crazy blessed. No joke! What's really tricky, is what that meant for our "normal" routine and whatever sort of "normal" schedule we had in place. June meant so many flip flopping of daycare times with work hours that nap time, regular dinner time and bedtime pretty much went out the window. We were on survival mode.

Hello July! The month of our new "normal" and my opportunity to try and get life back in order just in time for it to be tossed up in the air again as maternity leave approaches in 2 short months. But hey, whose counting? ;)

I'm all in. The Husband's on board. Munchkin?...not so much. At 2 1/2, his desire for independence and a voiced opinion is heard loud and ... louder. In his mind, nap time is dumb. Bedtime is even more dumb. Bedtime should be co-conquered by Mama and Daddy AND be filled with different demands requests. I'm not going to deny the fact that his requests come at the craziest of times and usually always are his attempts at stalling. Everyone is tired. Everyone wants to be doing their own thing. Even Munchkin #2 likes to chime in by reminding me of his whereabouts by this time making me crazed and cranky. In my crazed and cranky state, I am not the best at sticking to my guns and fighting the battles.

These last few nights were only made possible because of The Husband's amazing ability to push through his end of the day VBS exhaustion and tackle bedtime for me. Without him, poor J probably would have fallen asleep in the hallway, wearing only a diaper, his cowboy hat and pirate hook for accessories.

I try and not be completely useless during this time but when the infamous bump-on-a-log mode kicks in, I tend to be a tad delirious. I'll attempt to put another load of laundry in, get dishes cleaned up, pack lunches before hobbling to the couch. This bump-on-a-log mode makes any sort of movement, real or imaginary, darm near impossible when you've got a little human sitting on a nerve in your right leg. My doctor is optimistic that in the next month as Little Person shifts head down, that shift will then give me some relief.

Slowly but surely our new hours are sinking in. Every day/night gets a little better. Our once awesome sleeper is getting his groove back and if I overheard from my nightly couch position correctly, there were no tears last night. /insert happy dance here/

Here's to you July! I'm excited you are here!

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