No big deal...Apparently I just amputated his arm.

I've been trying to remind myself that "April showers bring May flowers" 'cause I am ready for some major sunshine... The kind where you can have sliding doors open at 9pm while still wearing shorts and flip flops from earlier that day. This whole sun and 80 degrees on Sunday, sun and 50 degrees on Monday, wind on Tuesday, rain on Wednesday, clouds on Thursday is a little confusing. Poor J got hit with the sniffles with the temperature drop this week. That's what I tell myself even though deep down  I know that it was my fault. We've pretty much had the same scenario happen  ever since J got his first cold...I guess you can call it a ritual by now.

Humidifier comes out. Humidifier stays out for way too long. Humidifier gets cleaned and aired out. Humidifier gets put away. The sniffles come back within 24 hours.  Uncanny I tell ya.

So we took it slow this week. Tuesday, The Husband and I tagged team our work schedules trading who would go in late and who would come home early from the office. Thankfully this little bug only lasted a little over 24 hours. Munch was back to school the following day with only a little runny nose. The rest of the week panned out normal and busy as usual which made me anxious for today to hit.

The Husband is off diving in Monterey with Auntie K which meant J and I had a completely free schedule day! Words cannot describe the amount of happiness a day-off-Friday can bring.  Uncle Matt is in in town for a few days so a breakfast day was planned. How could you not love a morning that involves french toast. Especially french toast that did not require you to do the dishes afterwards. Nom nom nom.

And since we were on that side of the hill (which is a rarity), we made a quick stop over at the elementary school where Gram (my momma) and Grandma (the Husband's momma) work. Smiles all around!

The smiles continued all the way home and after the nap! The kickback started flowing at the sound of the phrase "hair cut." Draaaammmmaaaa. I waited a long time hoping to avoid THIS. 4 months with a little boy's curly head can get a tad unruly. Especially hair that has major Kramer tendencies. Maybe I notice it more now that his hair is finally getting fuller...his locks grow fast.

Two weeks ago...
I set up a quick hair trim station, hit "play" on Madagascar and held my breath. With every curl I touched, you would have thought I was amputating his arm!!! "Owwwww Mama, OWWW!!!" "Ugh!!!!!!!" "Nooooo!!!!" Really kid?

I had to go extra slow coaxing him through every gentle touch reminding him that "Baby, this doesn't hurt! It tickles!" The tears slowed down as I kept asking questions about the movie and talking about everything from pirates to bees. Anything to distract this child from apparently a near death experience.

But we made it! He survived! I know we all had our doubts. ;)

Oy. I'm really glad our neighbors did not call CPS on me.

I asked if I could take a picture of his trimmed up mop to text to "Daddy who was swimming with Nemo" (best way to describe diving to a 2 1/2 year old) but apparently the trauma was too much. I received a very quick "NO mama." I didn't fight back.

Is it worth trying to take him to an actual salon? We've had terrible luck with mama cutting his hair, with a stylist at home and at someone else's home cutting his hair. Since he's been aware of what's happening, we are 0/3 for a tear-free session. This mama needs some tips!!!!

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