Goodbye beaver chewed crib.

Things happened so fast that I really didn't take into consideration...I just might be sad. That I just might find myself sitting and staring down at his dinosaur print legs getting ready to read our books before bed remembering the days when size 2T clothes seemed so very far away. And realizing how rapidly things are changing.

Oh the days when pajamas could only be folded in half.
Oh the days when a sleep sack was the only necessity for a cozy night.
Oh the days when crib rails were smooth, white and new.

This weekend J met his big boy bed...THE big boy bed. The full size, no beaver chewed crib, with real sheets and a comforter type of bed! Hold ...the ...phone.

To make room, out went the rocker that has been our nightly routine since day one. That's the point where the knot caught in my throat. To see the rocker sitting aimlessly in my room until Little Person 2012's room is transformed, hurt. Even J was confused. To hear his little voice call out "Mama? Books?" while pointing at the chair and signaling for me to sit...I had to remind myself that we WILL have storytime...Just a modified version including hanging out on a full size bed together. So we gave it a shot.

J insisted on sitting next to me, curled up under a blanket with his head resting on my arm. I didn't realize how much the Little Person belly had been getting in the way! This was good. This was perfect. Our new norm was going to work. He felt like a big boy. He looks like a big boy. Mama is coming to terms with having a big boy.

Doesn't change that this is what I still see...

But in reality, this is the real deal...

It's amazing how many smiles one little person can bring about.

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