A day full of awesomeness leading to an even more potentially awesome day!

If I could actually do a cartwheel, I would be doing one now.
Then a quick backflip.
Ending with a few jump kicks.

Why the excessive amount of jubilation you ask?
TWO reasons.

1. I didn't have to cook dinner tonight! Why? We have the most amazing friends who brought us a BBQ dinner tonight. Why? Because they are amazing like that. What better plan on a 90 degree day than to NOT cook dinner. ::high fives all around::

2. Kaiser called today. To confirm my scheduled water-torture tomorrow. No awesomeness there. What is the water-torture that I refer to? Roughly 3 years ago at 19 weeks along with Mr. J, I blogged a pretty accurate account of the event...

Any other pregnant women out there willing to sign a petition or walk the picket line in order to revise a torture policy mandated by Kaiser on unsuspecting pregnant women? Confused? I digress...

A few weeks ago after making this appointment, I received instructions that I needed to follow before I came in. Gullible growing me did not think twice as I read and reread the instructions since this was, after all, for my baby. "Go to the bathroom...then, drink 32 ounces of water within a half hour period. You must have completed the task one hour before your appointment." What's the big deal you ask? For those of you who are not pregnant, I'd like to see you drink 32 ounces of water with a child the size of a soda can karate chopping and salsa dancing on your bladder while having to hold it for almost two hours! Without too many graphic details - I literally was in the most uncomfortable bladder state I've ever been in my life. Unable to think or breathe, I have never been more elated in my life to be pointed in the direction of the restroom.

The "loving" Husband so kindly took accurate video footage to document this ridiculous bladder event.

You can imagine my lack of excitement about another go around with torture. BUT THEN...

Wait for it...

...wait for it...

The Husband and I went in for my 18 almost 19 week appt and received a print out of instructions for the dreaded test. After reading through it several times, I came across the line, "No specific preparation needed." WHAT?!

When Kaiser called today, I was able to ask the awesome radiologist point blank. "No, the water preparation is not needed anymore."

::high fives all around::

 ::insert more jump kicks, cartwheels and everything glittery and wonderful::

Tomorrow should be an even more awesome day if Little Person here cooperates and grants the camera a clear view of the unmentionables. Place your bets folks!!! Is Mr. J going to be the big brother of a little dude or a little missy? For those who need some facts, here is what I can offer.

Morning sickness? Nope. Not really. There were a few weeks where my stomach did some flips but the only time I ever tossed any cookies were a result of taking my prenatals on an empty stomach.

Belly? Showed really early but seem to be holding around the 40" mark. Little Person is a low rider. Heart beat is always a little tricky to find because everyone is looking in the "normal" range but need to scoot down another inch and a half to hear the amazing little beat.

Heart rate? Doc said baby's heart rate was around 140 as of yesterday.

This is a new arena for me. We were stubborn and waited to find out with J. I loved the yellows, browns and greens. This time? Well, it just feels right. Let's see if Little Person agrees with our decision.

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