And it's a....

...a BOY!!!!

Little Person joining our family later this year is a strong, healthy little BOY!!!

I am beyond ecstatic!  J gets to be big brother to a little BOY! The tears were instantaneous.

It was absolutely amazing to see that heart beating, those little feet kicking away and those little hands waving and covering up HIS face.

Even the "science" part of the ultrasound was pure joy. To have her count aloud all 4 chambers of HIS little heart. Both kidneys. Both femurs. A complete little spine and tailbone. Arteries and a 138 heart rate. AMAZING.

Our ultrasound tech was able to get a few awesome pictures but this mama is so tired from such an emotional roller coaster of a day, those will come later. :)

On an interesting note, Little BOY is measuring a full two weeks early putting me at 21 weeks instead of 19 weeks along! Not sure if the doc will officially change my due date but if she does, we are now looking at a September 19th due date instead of October 3rd. Hmm...rather interesting spin!

Many more details to come but for now... Off to bed!!!

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