49ers and Naptime: You do what you have to do.

My ears were ringing. My stomach was in knots. My heart felt as if I were on the brink of an anxiety attack.

Yesterday's game was the epitome of a GREAT (stressful) game.

Trying to stifle unreserved screams of joy is SO hard when you have a two year old taking his nap in the back room. I knew that I would not be able to control myself, let alone all the other fans in this house. Appropriate measures had to be taken.

Out came the pack and play which we reserve for vacations and grandma house naps...and now, 49er playoff games.  Up it went in the farthest room from the living room possible. The naptime music may or may not have been turned up several notches higher than normal. ;) With the boy finally asleep, I took a final precautionary measure and rolled up a towel that I then laid at the base of the door. Over the top you say? You do what you have to do.


//Screams! Jumps! Cartwheels! Handstands! Hugs! Tears! Chants! More Screams!//

Munch sound asleep.


Who's got it better than us?


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