Spinning Artichokes!

After our last multi-family getaway with The Mommies, we settled on Gilroy Gardens as a must-do with our almost 2 year olds.

One hour away? Got it.
Discounted tickets? Check.
The Husband taking time off to join us? BAM.
Three excitement crazed 2 1/2 ft. tall munchkins with backpacks, strollers and crackers? On our way!

We had a blast! Not quite the Disneyland wonder but what's not to love about a botanical garden, toddler approved rides, trains, mazes, best friends, overpriced lunches, and 90 degree weather?!

1. The famous artichoke spin. Daddy and son approved. 2. Stealing mommy's heart. 3. With some tiger growls, any picture is fun. 4. The Husbands planning our day of adventure. I just love this picture.

 Best buddy love time. A day of giggles, hand holding, half hugs, smiles, sippy cups and crackers.

 1. Pretty sure they are related... 2. Don't let this smile fool you. Most of the ride was spent clutching the sides of this fish with a fearful death grip. 3 and 4. J's favorite  ride of all time. His first solo ride at an amusement park.::sniffle:: Not gonna lie. This was sort of a slap of reality that we are so very close to having a 2 year old running around.

1. Best hugs evahhh. 2. The Mommies and their girls. LOVE these ladies.  3. The Husband and his Munchkin. My boys.

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