Death by Dog Fur

Every year we check out the Alameda County Fair. Deep fried Reese's, Turkey Legs, Baby Cows, PEZ collection displays, It's awesome. I absolutely LOVE the infomercial hall. It's not as "special" as QVC or HSN but sometimes you come across a winner. Every year we walk by this beauty: The FURminator!!!

I was intrigued by the name but eh, it's in the infomercial hall. How good could a pet brush be? 
Until I saw their ad...


I got home today after work and picking up J only to find that The Husband had forgot to lay down the couch cushions. And so my work began.

 See we've got this routine. It just might involve a sticky note on our front door with a reminder "COUCH CUSHIONS." Might.

When the house is locked and Savanna (the pooch) is left to guard, sans people, she tends to turn into  a human. She is notorious for eating leftover breakfast scraps. She then must wipe the breakfast crumbs from her paws with any morning shower towels that did not make it back to their hooks. And then it's time for a nap. The bed her humans purchased for her with love doesn't cut it. No, this pooch prefers somewhere with a little more spring action. Bring in the couches.

Today was no different. 

Except that all the cushions had been left up! Which meant that Savanna had one great nap. My poor couches were left COVERED in dog fur. Before I could blink, J took a roll on the couch which meant that I now had a human furball. 

30 minutes later, I was packing up the vacuum, putting away the Febreeze, shaking out clothes and slightly cursing said Furminator for it's lack of Fur-minating abilities. 

Savanna, I love you but holy moly, I can't stand your fur. How goofy would a Golden Retriever look shaved? 

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