Chopped Liver to Mashed Liver

I was not prepped enough for this one. Pretty sure I'm not supposed to be facing THIS battle until junior high, high school or fingers crossed...NEVER. Yet... Here...We... Are.

For the past two weeks J and I have been and continue to be on a first name basis. Just when I was coming to terms with the whole "My name is Dad" things, he throws it at me. I've been avoiding it in hopes that we would have some type of break through with the "Mom" word.


I believe it went something like this...

Me: Hi J!
J: Huh. (Translation: Hi.)
Me: Who's that guy over there? ::Pointing at the Husband::
J: Dah-Deeeeee. ::Huge smiles for everyone::
Me: Awesome!!!! And who's this? ::Pointing to J::
J: Jahs. ::Pointing to his own belly::
Me: Pretty good little man. And who's this? ::Turning the point over to me::
J: Day - Nuh.


Me: Who is this? ::Pointing to myself again::
J: Day - NUH.
Me: Oy vey. Ooookay.

Thanks buddy! Glad we had this little chat.

Let's meet again next week shall we? Maybe next time over a cup of coffee during your LUNCH BREAK because with that frame of mind you are already OFF TO COLLEGE!!!


I just don't get it!! He can say the Mmmmm sound when he wants Milk or More. Where o where is the mama?

What drives me batty is when you ask him where his mommy his... He'll point to me!!! At least I get correct recognition in some fashion. From that point on, all I get is Dana. Day-Nuh.

Here's my plan: I've got the Husband calling me Mommy left and right. J and I already practice letter sounds in the car after daycare and who knows... I  just might be focusing on the "Maaa" sound a bit more than normal. ;)

It'll come.

That's what I tell myself. ::sniffle::

I will say this. I have my happy dance all prepped and ready. It may or many not include finger guns, crazy legs and tears. I just might faint if he goes all crazy and decides to eat some veggies on the same day.

Day-Nuh and J living it up in this crazy 90 degree end of October weather.

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