We are starting him out young. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind.

This little Niner's fan will literally scream BALL! as soon as the field hits our TV screen. It's pretty much the most awesome thing ever when he throws in some crazy legs into the mix with it. Fanatical? Maybe. A whole bunch of cuteness? Definitely. 

There is no doubt that any neighbors of ours within a 5 mile radius could hear the cheers radiating from our house after Sunday's win. The Husband could literally not sit or stand still through the entire 4th quarter. This is the ONLY picture that I took that you can tell that he is human. Sort of.

Our DVR is 85% filled with every NFL show that might even mention the Niner's. Hold on to your hats and glasses folks - This is one exciting year!!!! 

Go Niner's Go!

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