Hello, my name is chopped liver.

The list of words he's throwing at me is growing everyday. Like growing to the point that my heart literally is a puddle of sap when I walk through the front door and his little squatty body runs over to me telling me with a look of utter devastation "Vanna Da Ball de whaaa boken." Where's the Rosetta Stone for Munchkin-ese when you need it?!

I'm pretty sure means "Savanna took the ball and it's broken."

He's awesome. Seriously its the most ridiculous thing to hear his little voice attempt to throw out words instead of grunts. Poor guy is so close yet gets so stinkin' frustrated when we don't understand the de's, boo's and uhhhh's of his Munchkin-ese. The husband and I try to be as patient as we can but still there are days where patience gets us no where and J will resort to running out of the room and dramatically falling on the floor with a big "OWWW!" Sometimes we're lucky and the performance will include a head bang or two. Man I love that boy.

There is one word that i am dying to hear. I thought for sure he would have picked up on this by now after my daily drills. I'm not asking for much.....just the correct name.

Here's the dilemma. Show Munch a family picture and you've got "Daddy" (correct!), "Jaaaaa" (correct!) AND last but not least... "Dad." (Uh...Nope!) Wait what? The Dad is me? Oh that's right!!!!! My child refuses to call me mom.

mommy. mom. mama. maaaa. mother. lady-who-birthed-me. I'd take anything. I would even take just a straight up Mmmm sound thrown my general direction from this little person's mouth. Instead I am forced to repeatedly point at myself in the picture and at my face saying "Mommy. Mommy. That is mommy." The reply? He points back at the picture, looks at me with the stubborn eyebrow gaze and says it a little more drawn out to help me understand. "Daaaaaaaad."

 And there it is. Apparently I was confused. Say hello to daddy, J and daaaaaaad.

For now. :)

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