Croc Drama

I FINALLY won J a pair of Crocs on Ebay. ::finger guns in the air - Pow Pow::

The stress and the anxiety is over. Yes. Stuhresss. Ebay and I have this weird love/hate relationship. When J hinted that I could no longer squeeze the toes into his old pair I knew what was going to be my life for a solid week (or two). See the deal is I refuse to buy J a brand new pair of Crocs. When he did wear a new pair, I looked at his Fred Flintstone feet as if they were walking dollar signs and with every fall, kick and trek through the dirt, I cringed. Why buy new when you can buy a used pair that looks like new for 1/3 of the cost?! So that's my love.

My hate is the anxious stressful waiting game that takes over my life as I hover, cheer, complain, twitch and check my ebay app every 5 minutes with every auction end. What brought me to a near death experience was losing 5 straight bids...IN A ROW! Thanks to The Husband for helping me rework my strategy...not as stressful but apparently no matter what my strategy I am still inclined to check my app every 5 minutes. OCD much?

We added some of those jibbitz to J's shoes today. Really wasn't ready for the level of excitement that took over. Honestly, I don't even think he was!

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