J's Spring Fashion Tip

It's all about the comfort folks. Even with the elastic waistband those darn pants are always getting in way! I mean who can really get that perfect angle to get your beaver skills on if you've got an abundance of denim cramping your style. Mama has to take a shower? Bring on the Baby Einstein and my crib but just so you know, then denim pants you put me in? Gone. Thrown out of the crib. Off with you!


  1. My god daughter did the beaver thing! Her parents had to put the plastic things on every single open area on her crib. On one rail she chewed so bad one day she went halfway through! It must be a teething thing.

  2. @Katie Molles

    It's amazing!! Gnawing on a big ol' thing of paint and wood just doesn't sound appetizing but I guess when your teeth are causing serious havoc you really don't care. Poor girl!

  3. It sort of puts it in perspective how much their poor little gums hurt!