Wordless Wednesday: BELLIES!

One Word... Cuteness.

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! Yes, I am still alive...Posting a catch-all catch-up tonight with a whole lot of Munchkin. Oh and any Welcome Wednesday folks, thank you for stopping by! :) Feel free to look around, leave a comment, join as a follower...I'm an avid blog reader so don't be shy.


  1. Maybe we should have a mom version of this. I will show you the wrinkly old man face that resides around my belly button.

  2. @TDM Wendy

    When I think of a bathing suit and the remote idea of wearing one this summer...i swear I break out in hives. I've told Ryan this before but I think babies eat anything resembling ab's during pregnancy. Mine are still MIA...not that I had any to brag about before but still...Sheesh!