Monday Morning: What a charmer.

I got a text from the husband this morning with a solo picture that I just had to share. I usually prefer to start my Monday Morning's with a laugh but I overslept which has meant that all morning, I have felt rushed and just a little off. Apparently someone else was a little off this morning as well. :)

Now I realize that some of you might view this Monday Morning post as a Laugh, more of a chuckle, a sigh or some of you might go as far as saying "You're crazy...this isn't funny, its...pathetic!" I'm not denying that you might be right on all accounts. But for me and the husband, this was most definitely a laugh.

For those of you who know my Munchkin and his previous sleep-standing history, this picture completely captures his mobility while "sleeping." I did not hear a PEEP all night which is amazing and makes this feat even funnier. Last week was a rough one. Our boy was in a "I'm not hungry...ever...ever...ever" stage which meant that a middle of the night cry session became a week-long ritual. I was not a happy mommy. We shifted schedules around. Started giving a heartier bedtime snack which in turn has made all the difference in the world. BUT...even though his belly is full and he is falling asleep during story time, his action sleeping never ceases to amaze me. This kid already has full on conversations in his sleep and will roll his way into the most awkward positions typically in the corner or through the railings of his crib. To find him half naked, totally dishevled and overall pathetic looking is worthy of sharing.

What a charmer!
*Disclaimer: The gnarly knot of his forehead was from this past weekend. Beauty ain't it? That's what happens when you combine a new pair of sandals, a footstool and an excited 15 1/2 month old who prefers to run instead of walk. My heart ached with that tumble. Got to love that boy.


  1. awwww he is soo cute

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  2. @Fuegita
    Mucho thanks! He's a goober for sure!

    And a giveaway? You got it! :)

  3. That is priceless.
    That should be on the cover of a parenting magazine.