I lived with Kramer Jr.

I was looking through my camera today for a cute Easter shot when lo and behold I came across an un-blogged event... the BIG BOY haircut!

 Eh - That's what the Husband calls it. I veer more towards "The Losing of the Curls Haircut."

But in all honesty, Munch's hair was pretty out of control. I took a few Before shots but they really don't give our Kramer Jr. the disheveled justice he deserves. The "fresh-out-of-the-bath" look was my favorite because his curls literally grew straight out and then did their flip in all directions. Regardless, this will at least give you SOME perspective.

Way too much handsomeness going on right there. 

I must admit that I had a mom-tear moment when he got down off my lap...Munch is a toddler. I've "known" he's not a baby anymore. I'm reminded daily of that just by hanging out with him and the crazy conversations we have...BOTH understanding each other now!
And just little things like when he runs towards me yelling "Mil Pleee" (translation: Milk Please). 
But there are still little moments like these when I look at him and I actually have to think back to the little swaddled bean laying in his swing. Those are all memories now. HOLY MOLY.

I'm in love with the toddler stage! Sure I miss the baby stage but I would not trade this for the world. He's my munchkin.

P.S. Mucho thanks Stefanie for the haircut extravaganza. You are amazing. :)


  1. oh I love his curls and his big boy haircut too! such a cute little boy-and he has more hair than my poor DD, lol! thanks for stopping by the long and short of it-following you back!

  2. Awe he is SUCH a cutie! My son just got a haircut, too. Be careful, my son used to have curls and he outgrew them! Now he just looks shaggy!! =/

    Have a happy Mother's Day! You deserve it!!

    I'm following back, come say hi @ ModernMomRedefined.blogspot.com