Happy "GoodFridayEarthBirthday" Day!

April 22nd was THE day apparently. Poor Husband had no choice but to share. But don't worry - I've broken it down as to why April 22, 2011 was a most awesome trifecta. And here we go...

Oh yes, I just found a way to work the word trifecta into a blog post. 

So! Most importantly... and hands down why Good Friday is so very incredible and important.

Jesus died for you and me.

If that reason alone does not give you the biggest kick in your pants back to what is important in this life, then you need to stop reading me and start reading His love letters to YOU.
#1 : Jesus died for the people of the world.

#2 : We need to take care of this world. The very world that we need to do a better job taking care of and why this day focuses on that very notion.

#3 : The very world that my Husband said hello to 28 years ago on this day. 

1 - 2 - 3. Done done and done. And that is why April 22, 2011 was awesome and why you all should have celebrated accordingly.

What's even more awesome is that I was able to surprise the Husband a week ago with a daddy/son photo shoot with Ms. Awesome herself. I was then able to sneak the CD from Ms. Awesome and sneak over to Costco to have what are now my favorite shots of my boys printed for use around the Husbands office, my office, the house walls and the other empty frames around the house.

I am so very blessed.


  1. You are such a fabulous writer. And I was showing at 6 weeks with my second (like maternity pants) so I hope that makes you feel better. I couldn't even do my 'real' pants

    1. It's crazy!! It does help to know I'm not alone. ;) Hugs!!