Valentines Day 2011

Sorry guys. No Monday Morning Laugh post today. Things were put on hold when I got a call at the office this morning from the Husband. My "Happy Valentines Day!" cheer was met with an "Uh...Munch is sick." Dang.

Please don't get me wrong, I love love love this toddler age he is in, I just hate all the new bugs/viruses that have made their way into our house because of it. The more he grows and moves, the more I lose the baby bubble I once had him in.

He's everywhere, into everything and just plain awesome. He signs when he's "All Done" drinking his milk, he helps me clean the house with his dry paper towel, he brushes his hair when you hand him a brush and he'll sit and read Go Dog, Go over and over again. He's running into corners, jumping off steps, crawling into planter boxes and eating bugs. Yesterday he was literally rolling in pink chalk at the park that some 9-year old artist had decorated the sidewalk with. Got to love him, seconds after he turned his ear pink by rubbing his chalk covered hands all over his head, he ran over to me and in his ewok voice said "I love you" while hugging my leg. It really doesn't get any better.

So with that in mind, of course I will give up my Valentines Day to sit with my boy who is dazed, sick and throwing up continually. Of course I will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 5,000, I mean, as many times as he wants as long as he'll stay still.

I thank God for my Husband who was amazing (being the anti-barf guy that he is) for tag teaming today with me while I was at the office. I thank God for washing machines, DVR, Pedialyte and beach towels. I thank God that my boy was able to fall asleep after sharing a few smiles and giggles.

Happy Valentines everybody!!

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