Sprawled out in Adventureland

Yet another mommy experience first for me last week. One that I pray I never have to experience on a grander scale. The result? 


My knee.

Cute huh?

Let me set the scene: Disneyland. Last Friday night. We were jetting around the park with 5 adults and 2 1-year olds. I offered to be the one to stay with the kids while the others went on Indiana Jones. One kid was in the stroller, the other was corralled between two strollers. “No problem! I’ve got this.” Riggghhhhtttt.

As soon as the group was out of sight I sat down criss-cross style on the ground to hang out with the kiddos. K (in the stroller) started to spit her pacifier out...continually. No problem! Munch was distracted by his stroller wheel so I decided to take a minute and dig out some mum-mum crackers that I know K loved.

 As I was digging (of course they were farther down in the diaper bag than I remembered), I see Munch out of the corner of my eye take off through the smallest window of space. Stinker boy took off in a run into the crowd of people walking by. My heart ... stopped.

Mom thought: It's amazing  how many thoughts can go through your mind when you only have seconds to figure out what you need to do and how you are supposed to do it all. Most of mine were dramatic. 1. I need to grab Munchkin before he is GONE. TRAMPLED. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN.   2. I need to keep one eye on K while I grab Munch so she is not kidnapped while I am not looking . 3. I need to get off of my butt!!!! Step #3 was actually what caused the most problems.

I lunged out to try and grab Munch but he was too quick. As I scrambled to get up, my feet never quite de-criss crossed themselves and I stumbled about 3-4 times, only making it up about 2/3 of the way off the ground before landing knee first with my whole body following. I was LITERALLY sprawled out in the middle of Adventureland. classy.

My knee was numb so without thinking twice I looked up and again reached for the running (and now LAUGHING child). Apparently this was one amazing game mommy and Munch were playing. Thankfully while one guy attempted to help me up another guy stepped in front of Munch who got scared and toppled over. What. A. Scene.

I faked an "I've got everything under control" attitude. Got myself up, walked over to the laughing again Munch, and made my way back to K who was now only a few feet away.

Sigh. Munch and K were fine. I was shaking, emotionally numb and crippled.

With all the cameras out I am positive that I am going to find myself on YouTube somewhere.

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