Sole survivor

I was the sole survivor last week. 5/6 in my house came down with the nasty 24+ hour stomach flu that literally empties everything from you. All of us (sickos and healthy) were physically, emotionally, mentally pooped after THAT ordeal.  Haha! pooped! No pun intended. ;) This weekend in between rain drops I had every window open while I disinfected every toy, door knob and surface that I could find while washing every blanket and bucket that had been strategically placed around the house. Clorox was my friend and thankfully costco loves them too.

This was the first time we've had to work with a puking Munchkin. That was one pathetic site. We haaaaave worked with a sick Husband before which was also pathetic but at least we were able to get a few laughs in the midst of the bathroom visits. Something about reading a text sent from the bedroom while I am in the living room that reads "I've concluded that I am dying" that just brings a smile to my face.

It's during days like these that I am verbally so thankful for the Husband and the team that we are. I am mentally thankful for him everyday but when he is MIA for a good chunk of time, I tend to pour out the emotions whenever he returns. Something about working full time, being a chauffer, caretaker, laundromat, chef, and maid that does me in after a few days. We've been doing this whole parenting thing for 14 1/2 months now, the whole married thing for almost 5 years and the whole relationship thing for almost 12 years. Trust me, that last part sounds crazy to me as well. It's amazing to me how God can bring two high schoolers with completely different backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses, passions and interests together and over time make them ... a couple. Married. With goals and passions that move them forward...together.

I know we are no where near having the perfect marriage - whatever that is. I know there are days when I desperately want to toss the socks left out, right into the trash can. I know there are days when he thinks I'm crazy for vacuuming the living room when I just did it yesterday. In my defense, it's winter. We have a golden retriever. Let's just say that during these months I desperately just want to shave her hair off. I know there are days that we are NOT on the same page and one of us steps up to get to the heart of the matter. I also know that the Husband and I, no matter what day it is, has the other person's best interests at heart. We may drive each other nuts some days but regardless of whatever is going on, I have his back and he has mine. Our relationship is what matters the most.The empty toilet paper roll left on the dispenser, the dishes left in the sink, it's just stuff. What matters is us. It's us and how we communicate through life together and our relationship with Jesus right in the center of it.

After the Husband fought his flu battle, we ventured out for a belated Valentines date night dinner. We dropped J off at Grandpa S and Grandma D's house and drove ourselves down to get some deeee-licious PF Chang's. It's amazing how good food tastes after you are used to eating flu remedy foods. It was a much needed step out of reality. I sort of forgot that there are other time options for eating dinner other than 5:30! I also forgot how amazing it is to NOT carry a diaper bag, my work bag and an extra sippy cup. I didn't dive all the way in and carry a purse...yet. I enjoyed the shoulder free experience of my wristlet. We ate, we laughed but the best part? We talked. I could talk to that guy for hours. We talk about anything and everything. Parenting, the couple next to us, our boy, YouTube, our finances, the yardwork we need to do, our jobs, the craziness of our schedules, Dave Ramsey, our marriage, our future plans. We try to be on the same page. We may have different thoughts on how to get to that page but I feel so blessed to be married to someone who wants to BE on the same page.

Husband, Thanks for hanging around. Both Munch and I kind of like you. ;)

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  1. Dana, I always love your blogs but this one was just SO good. :) So inspiring. Matt and I are so thankful for your and Husband's example to us :) God bless!!!