Does your happy place have a valance?

3 days in. 2 more days left. Business trip #1 away from my boys is...weird. Especially knowing that I am literally on the other side of the country. I am already a fanatical home-body that just a weekend away, let along a week, is pretty much my own method of torture. Being at home is my happy place. I am content. Don't get me wrong Holiday Inn, your beds are quite comfy, shower pressure is decent, oh and your valance selection? - divine!

...Note any hint of sarcasm?

But really who I am to be complaining? I have been so lucky that my job has allowed me to work 1/2 of most days from home. This has been such a blessing for me but more importantly Munch since daycare at Ry's work has limited hours. I am usually able to pick him up after lunch and head home just in time for his nap while I work the rest of my day from the "home office." (I must say that phrase looks much fancier in writing than when you say it out loud. Try it!...home...office...Okay then.) The days when I don't pick up, Ryan and I tag team Munch's care. Usually meaning that I go to the office from 7am-12pm, head home, Ryan heads to work from 12:30-5, while I put Jackson to nap and finish working until 3:30pm.. Munch gets to see both of us separately during the day and (for the most part) both of us for dinner and the rest of the evening. These family dinners are VITAL to my ....what's the best wording... Mental stability? The busy driving to here, from there, jump from my mom job back to operations manager job back to mom job. Mind you I'm still getting the hang of this mom job thing in the first place. With Ry working Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday mornings, I anxiously await ANY full day that we get together. I get tired. Not always in the physical sense but more in the emotional sense. Surprise surprise!! - I miss my boys when I am not with them.

I traveled a decent amount before Munch entered the Bicker scene, usually just days trips but sometimes longer. This is my first trip back out PM (post-munchkin). I won't lie, I secretly have my fingers crossed there won't be tons more of this. Florida is nice and all but not my happy place. My happy place does not have valances.

Sidenote and speaking of FL, I would really take pleasure in shaking John Freida's hand and thanking for his anti-frizz hairspray because yes, pretty much a life SAVER. What would have been a larger mane of hair?, has been "tame-able" thus far.

And so, it is dinner time. My watch is still set on CA time which makes eating dinner an odd option when technically 3:30 is not my standard dinner hour. But, its now dark out and I'm hungry but if that isn't good enough, I say standing on my feet all day at a trade show is. :) Big shout out to Skechers for making shoes that made my standing possible. *wink

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