Tuesday Love - Intentional Parenting and a Giveaway!

It's never too early to start emphasizing your role as a parent. Poor Munch doesn't stand a chance of getting away with things in our house. ;) Ry and I are sticklers. We are sticklers for being intentional. This Tuesday love is two-fold.

1. I love that Munchkin has a clean slate and can start out his life learning to make good choices. Parenting is intentional. You are on the clock at ALL times guiding, teaching, encouraging, supporting. Ryan and I will do all we can to guide him through these formative years. Our prayer for Munch is that he is a Spiritual Champion through thick and thin, inside and out. We want his life to make a difference for Christ. We just finished up a great group study with other Revolutionary Parents. If you need some thought provoking material, I could not recommend this book more. Obviously you won't be able to predict every scenario that is going to come into play as your kiddo grows but knowing and having clear understanding of the rules and guidelines expected of them as a part of your family is HUGE. I have a hunch that my already constant prayers for guidance, patience and humility will continue with each day.

2. I love fun giveaways and this one caught my eye! HOUSE RULES! Perfect :)
Fun Giveaway featured by Barn Owl Primitives. Enter for your chance today - You only have till the 11th!

Happy Tuesday Folks! Find something to love today. 

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