Monday Laugh: Bitter Garden Gnomes.

We have two teethers living in our house right now. Pray people.

Poor Kirra is struggling to get that first guy up and out while Jackson is working on #8. Teething is cruel and unusual punishment for all involved. It's amazing how much drool comes pouring out of such a little mouth when even the smallest smile is offered. As a mom, I try to be sympathetic but it sure is hard when snot and drool covers my entire shirt before 8am. With teething on my mind this Monday morning, I decided to do a little photo surfing online to see the teething symptoms of other ravage teething monkeys poor children. Look who caught my eye...

I say this in the most loving way I can think of....I had no idea that teething turned children into bitter garden gnomes. 

"Mom, I hate teeth. I hate your camera. I am going to bite you in 3...2...1..."

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