Vomit vs. Drool

Literally I have been holding off on sharing my adventure of dog vomit, xrays, digested rocks, drool, poop, and boxes for the sheer reason of not wanting to jinx the recovery of all involved. BUT now, real food is back in the bowl and the stomach, the tooth is in, the dog is washed...and all is well. I may have a few bald spots from pulling my hair out but all is well. :)

Let's start with the canine.

My dog is an emotional roller coaster. She always has been and I have a dreaded hunch that she always will be. Ryan and I were beyond cautious about when and where we were placing and unpacking our boxes. We have learned that a huge trigger of our pup's emotional state is moving. Literally she refuses to eat, drink and/or be merry whenever there are boxes around. Well, in this case, our busy schedule has prevented us from unpacking at a faster pace SO there are boxes everywhere! After spending a good chunk of the day going through garage boxes, I came back in from the garage to find Vomit #1. Okay - maybe we had overdone the boxes. She was upset. Gave a treat or two and sent her on her way. 4 hours later = Vomit #2. 4 hours after that = Vomit #3. Then it was every hour. EVERY HOUR. Shoot.

Word to the wise, if your'e dog gets sick. I highly recommend that they get sick during the week. If not, all vet's are booked and your left with Doggy 911 - the Emergency Vet Clinic. Long story short and $450 later, my dog ate rocks. 



Fish tank rocks that she found in a planter box outside. Thankfully they were "passable" (whoa) so we left the clinic after an anti-vomit, anti-acid and some fluid were flowing through her. 

And now the boy.

A few days after the vomit extravaganza, the drool Munchkin went on a rampage chewing carpet corners, table legs, shoe strings...you get the picture. I swear this kid has been teething since he was four months old and we had nothing but soggy bibs to show for it. I'd been planning what my lines were going to be when I dropped my toothless kindergartner off for his first day of school.  When the drool kicked into high gear and the poop started flowing (yes, that is the appropriate word of choice), I knew something was going on. Several doses of non-Tylenol brand pain relief and endless applications of Butt Paste, Munchkin is officially the owner of his first tooth! And folks, my thoughtful Munch allowed that little tooth to pop up on my birthday.  

Last night was a night to celebrate. Happy dog. Happy boy. Happy parents.  All in the same room with no boxes lining the walls of the room. 

Just don't check the closets. ;)

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