Snotty mush.

Two words that DO NOT go together: "mommy" and "sick." Having a cold sucks. It zaps every ounce of energy, clarity and comprehension from you. Your brain basically turns into mush. Snotty mush. Isn't that a cute visual?!
Now enter mommyhood. Snotty mush brain, welcome 6-month old munchkin. OH - it gets better. If you are nursing, take away all that wonderful cold-relief medicine. Apparently ingesting the smallest amount of decongestant will forever...well, I don't know exactly what it will do but all those books, doctors, nurses and pharmacists warn you to NOT do it. They are very persuasive. So out of fear of uncertain results, I refrain from taking any cold medicine. Thank God for advil and Kleenex.
So to all you sicky mom's out there - I am feeling your pain. This is hard work. Thankful Ry is here to help and boy does he deserve an award. Between him and the amazing daycare workers, I was blessed enough to use most of my sick day to sleep. Sleep, pump, eat and then sleep again. Ah the life of a new mom.

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