Order up! One lime green PeaPod to go.

I've reached a point of no shame. Yes, this is a post solely devoted to a... travel bed. [Yes, you read the correctly]. A Travel Bed. Ah the joys of motherhood.
To be a mom is to be a individual who gets excited over her child's "long-time coming" poopy diaper, or a nasty spit-up session that only landed on her clothes instead of her clothes and the living room sofa. Being a mom also means that her idea of online shopping has shifted from heels and purses to swim trunks and travel beds.  And so, as a mile marker, I award myself with the "No Shame - I've become a Mom" award for my review of our new travel bed for Munch. Allow me to explain.
Disneyland is officially two weeks away and our house is in full force daydream mode. We are singing Disney, we are watching Disney, we are dreaming of the food, the weather, the smiles and the fun of what is Disney. For those of you who do not make Disneyland your happiest place on earth...Well...I can safely say that our vacations are very different than yours.
This will be the first of many trips to Disneyland that Munch will take. Being only 5 1/2 months old at the time of departure will mean that mommy and daddy are in for a new experience. I am determined to keep Munch on his schedule as much as I can. As an alternative to forking out $30 for a hotel crib (yes, cribs are a PER night expenditure at our hotel that seemed a bit ridiculous) I started my internet rummaging and came across this company - Kidco. Kidco is supposedly known for their safety gates (even though that is uncharted territory for me).  What caught my eye was their invention of the PeaPod. The PeaPod and PeaPod Plus are in essence personal indoor/outdoor tents for your kiddo that comes with air mattresses that slip into hidden pockets underneath the floor. Genius. This little pop-up pod invention is great for my rolly-polly boy who more than likely will be sitting up by himself before we head down to Anaheim because I can zip him in. Perks: 1. The P-103 model that I purchased comes with a self-inflating mat.  2. Compact and Lightweight - I'm planning on packing this IN my suitcase. 3.  It was pricey for my taste but still cheaper than other lightweight and realistic travel beds. 4. Indoor/Outdoor tent-like structure makes this extremely versatile as Jackson is growing up and we are on the-go. Even if he were to crawl around inside, I don't have to worry about him crawling out of it just yet.
...and After!

Could he look any more thrilled to be in there? :)
How neat is this?!

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